Following a Race 1 crash for Dominique Aegerter in the FIM Supersport World Championship on Saturday afternoon, he was declared unfit with suspected concussion, as ruled by the medical team. However, after further medical assessments and an FIM Stewards investigation, clarification needs to be communicated.

On Saturday afternoon, Aegerter was rescued on the track and checked by the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) at the Medical Center was declared unfit due to the presence of possible concussion symptoms. On Saturday evening, Aegerter went to the Hospital for further assessments and on Sunday morning he was admitted the simulation of symptoms to the CMO, and after a deep re-check was declared able to ride.

Following a FIM Stewards investigation, FIM Stewards ruled that Aegerter acted in an unsporting manner by simulating a medical situation in order to delay the recovery process and thus force a stoppage of the race by red flag. This is something that the 31-year-old Swiss rider admitted to with a supporting statement, submitted to the FIM Stewards. For his unsporting behaviour, he has been given an immediate one race ban, which means he will not take part in Race 2 at Most.

After clarifications of yesterday’s behavior to the Chief Medical Officer of the circuit and the subsequent further medical assessments and examinations that have been made, it is declared that Dominique Aegerter would have been fit to the race but will not take part due to the FIM Stewards’ ruling .

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