White Van Man facing EXTINCTION as nine-in-ten say they won’t be driving traditional workmen’s’ favorite in five years

WHITE Van Man could become a thing of the past as nine-in-ten builders say they won’t be driving the traditional favorite in five years.

A study by Toolstation, out this week, revealed that 89 per cent of builders either already had an e-van or would have one by 2027.


The traditional white van used by builders looks to be going out of fashionCredit: Alamy

Using data from the Transport & Environment think tank, boffins found that 19 per cent of the UK’s white van drivers had switched to electric vans already.

On top of this, a whopping 70 per cent said they planned to ditch their scuffed-up white van for an e-van by 2027.

With an estimated 2.3million white van drivers in the UK, that works out at a whopping 2m driving electric vans in just five years, with just 300,000 sticking with a petrol or diesel van.

The study also found that builders don’t even prefer white-colored vans anymore, with just 41 per cent now driving one.

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The remaining 59 per cent drive a range of different-colored vans, with silver, gray, black, blue, red and green among the favorites.

The research found that 14 per cent have a silver van, 11 per cent a gray van, 10 per cent a black van, 9 per cent a blue one, and 4 per cent a red one.

Other colours, all with between 0.5 per cent and 2 per cent, included green, orange, gold, and brown.

Self-employed carpenter, Bryan Alexander, 56, of Edinburgh, said he loved his £60k Fiat E-Ducato.

He said: “It’s such a lovely van to drive that I prefer it to my car.

“I don’t just use it for work, but also for taking the kids to school or to the seaside.”

A spokesman for Tooltation said this week: “Nearly nine in ten builders/white van drivers surveyed by think tank Transport & Environment confirmed they either already own an e-van or will be buying one in the next five years.”

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“Last year, some 12,759 electric vans entered Britain’s roads, and that is expected to soar in the next five years as workers go green.”

He added: “Electric vehicles offer a lot of benefits for tradespeople. Not only are they environmentally friendly, but they are also exempt from the congestion charge and ULEZ and grants are available too.”

White is no longer the color of choice for van drivers, the research found


White is no longer the color of choice for van drivers, the research foundCredit: Alamy

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