Top 5 Entertainment Blogs

You may be wondering what are some of the top entertainment blogs on the internet. Well, you are not alone! There are many great blogs covering a variety of topics. Some of the best ones include AV Club, Digital Spy, Page Six, and more. These blogs can help you stay up-to-date on the latest news in entertainment and film.

Top entertainment blogs

If you’re a fan of the movie business, entertainment blogs are an excellent source of updates. You can find reviews of popular films and TV shows in a variety of genres. They feature various viewpoints from fans, as well as underground artists. The content on these blogs is comprehensive and well-written. They also regularly post news.

Some entertainment blogs are more sensitive than others, but they are still excellent resources to stay up-to-date with the latest news in the industry. In addition to covering the latest movies, TV shows, and other entertainment news, they offer a variety of perspectives on a variety of topics. For example, a celebrity section may be more sensitive than the average blog, but you’ll be able to read exclusive stories about celebrities and their lives.

Another great source for entertainment news is The Geekiary, a blog created by a geek for fans. It covers the latest news in entertainment, music, movies, and politics. There’s also a separate section on Asian media and entertainment. A great resource for entertainment fans, this blog also offers a helpful archive for those who enjoy reading.

The top entertainment blogs are the ones that cover a variety of genres. For example, you can find reviews of new releases and music videos, as well as free legal downloads of music by unknown artists. The Burning Ear also publishes music videos and downloadable mixtapes.

AV Club

The AV Club is an entertainment blog with sister sites covering sports, tech, food, and more. It is primarily a white male-oriented site, with articles written mostly by white men. The writers of the site tended to be more conservative than their readers, and the site’s content was not representative of pop culture.

However, that did not prevent the site from gaining wider audience. It started hosting cover bands in its office, and even held its own music festival. It also began expanding its coverage of television shows, video games, and sports. Its tone became hectoring and petulant. This changed the AV Club completely, and its original intent was to be a place to find quality work.

Comment sections became a central hub of interaction for the AV Club’s writers. It was not uncommon for them to join in on the discussions. Initially, they used pseudonyms, but a few brave souls put their real names on their comments. As a result, the comments section grew in size and character.

The AV Club was founded in 1993 as a supplement to The Onion newspaper. The site focused on pop-culture news and discussion. It later became a standalone website.

Digital Spy

Digital Spy is a website based in the UK that specializes in entertainment news. The site focuses on TV, music, and movies. The brand has been around since 1999, and its content is geared toward a British audience. The website was founded by Hearst UK and covers the latest happenings in the entertainment industry.

The site employs 40 people, 20 in London and 20 in the US. Its content is diverse and informative, with news stories and reviews of new technology. As a news site, it publishes 200 articles every day. One of its most popular articles this week featured the ITV’s I’m A Celebrity line-up, a guide to the new Apple operating system, a review of smart TVs, and a video clip featuring Huey Morgan.

The site is currently owned by Hearst and has 24 million monthly users. That’s 30% more than last year, and has fueled Digital Spy’s advertising growth. This year, Digital Spy expects a fifth increase in revenue for advertisers. Digital Spy was founded in an office above a restaurant near Waterloo station, but later moved to a more central location.

Digital Spy is one of the largest entertainment news websites in the U.K. The site covers everything from music and films to TV, reality TV, and showbiz. As a part of Hearst Magazines UK, Digital Spy has grown into one of the largest entertainment news sources in the country. With more than 20 million monthly visitors, the site is a leading source of information for UK audiences.

Page Six

Page Six is one of the leading sources for entertainment news and current events. In addition to the daily articles, the site also offers free streaming and video. You can also follow its celebrity sightings and podcasts. Additionally, Page Six has a mobile app for both iPhone and Android devices. Whether you’re looking for celebrity gossip or news with photos, Page Six has it all.

This Entertainment News Website covers everything from movies to TV shows to fashion shows. It also features video content, celebrity gossip, and live streams with celebrities. There’s a wealth of content to choose from, and the site is translated into 20 different languages. The content is updated daily, so you can always stay up-to-date.


Infornicle is an entertainment blog that merges culture and creativity. It has a database of over 5000 movies from the Indian film industry, including the stars. The site also features articles on various topics including the solar system and different technologies. It offers a perfect balance between entertainment and fact.

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