This Webpage Sorts All PS Plus Tiers’ Games by Trophy Difficulty and Completion Time

Platprices, a website that tracks prices of PlayStation games as well as their trophy information, now hosts a helpful webpage that sorts games included in all PS Plus tiers by their OpenCritic score, trophy difficulty, completion time, and more. Ever since the revamped service has gone live, players have done a better job than Sony when it comes to offering easy-to-peruse lists. We’ve previously seen lists that sort all games by size and review scores, but this is the most extensive database we’ve seen thus far albeit still in its infancy. The best part? It includes all tiers as opposed to just PS Plus Extra and Premium.

Players can now sort all PS Plus tiers’ games by a number of filters

You can head over to the webpage in question here, where you can select your service tier and then further sort the games list by alphabet (AZ and ZA both), OpenCritic score, release date, difficulty, completion time, and much more. Reddit user N_Johnston, who’s behind this handy webpage, seems to be gathering feedback on the website and making improvements and updates where they can.

This webpage and the ongoing improvements look like a monumental task given the number of games included in all three tiers, so we’re pretty thankful for what we’ve got here. I’m not a hardcore trophy hunter but do enjoy some easy hunts here and there. More importantly, as someone who’s always pressed for time, being able to see which games I can knock out first without Googling so many of them is a breath of fresh air. Thank you, Platprices!

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