PowerWash Simulator walkthrough now live, here’s how to unlock each achievement

PowerWash Simulator is out now on Xbox, PC, and Xbox Game Pass, and plenty of you are already cleaning up the PowerWash Simulator achievements. However, if you need a helping hand, we now have a PowerWash Simulator walkthrough.

If you’ve taken a quick look at the PowerWash Simulator achievements, found them a little daunting, and can’t face up to the monumental cleaning task ahead of you, fret not, for we now have an excellent PowerWash Simulator walkthrough that will help you unlock each and every achievement.

PowerWash Simulator full achievement walkthrough

Estimated time

40 to 60 hours

Unobtainable or Discontinued achievements


The walkthrough comes courtesy of IronInvoker47, who has cleaned off every speck of dirt, grime, and muck from each level. In the walkthrough, you will find a bunch of hints and tips, as well as details on how to unlock every achievement in PowerWash Simulator, including the Gold Standard achievement, which can be a bit of a nightmare.

It will roughly take between 40 and 60 hours to unlock all 40 of PowerWash Simulator’s achievements, and it will require just one playthrough. If you do end up using this walkthrough, don’t forget to thank IronInvoker47 for all their hard work!

Are you on a cleaning crusade in PowerWash Simulator? Have you already completed the game? Let us know your thoughts about it down in the comments.

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