Plane fire at Manchester airport: Smoke bills from jet’s engine

Tui plane on fire at Manchester airport: Smoke bills from jet’s engine as firefighters rush to extinguish the blaze in front of stunned holidaymakers

  • Emergency as Tui plane landed around 4.30pm today at Manchester Airport
  • Fire engines raced to the scene as its engine reportedly had overheated
  • Shocked holidaymakers watched on from nearby departure lounges

Holidaymakers at Manchester Airport were shocked to see fire engines rush over to a returning jet with a smoking jet engine.

A Tui flight landed about 4.30pm Saturday to be immediately swamped by a fleet of fire engines.

The engines began immediate spraying the right engine with water, producing billowing plumes of smoke as travelers in nearby departure lounges watched on.

‘Suddenly just a load of fire engines appeared and started spraying it down with water while we were having a drink at the bar,’ one eyewitness told MailOnline.

‘All this smoke started coming out. It looked like one of the engines had overheated.’

There are no reports of delays at the airport as a result of the emergency, but planes are reportedly circling the airport overhead as the situation is brought under control.

A Tui plane landed around 4.30pm today at Manchester Airport with a reported overheated engine

Manchester Airport confirmed that there has been an incident in which the airport fire service attended a Tui flight this afternoon.

‘Sat on the ground waiting for [takeoff] and saw a few fire engines and other emergency vehicles going past,’ said Twitter user Hannah Evenden. ‘They’ve said on our flight that there was an incident with an arriving [flight].’

‘Engine fire on stand, it’s out but I imagine there’s no runway cover from the fire service as they are all at the aircraft,’ added Dutch Holland, another user.

Meanwhile, rail services will be severely disrupted this weekend as a train strike by train drivers times to coincide with the Commonwealth Games and the kick off of the new football season brings trains to a halt across the country, and repair workers set to walk out for three days from tomorrow.

In the latest outbreak of industrial unrest in the industry, members of the drivers union Aslef at seven train operators have walked out for 24 hours over pay today.

The travel disruption comes as it is estimated that 70 per cent of families have planned or are planning a break following two years of largely going nowhere due to the pandemic.

These plans run the risk of being scuppered by scenes such as those watching at the weekend at the Port of Dover and at the approach to the Eurotunnel station at Folkestone.

Savvy holidaymakers could be forgiven for thinking reaching the Continent by ferry or train would be a more sensible option than braving an airport.

At airports, queues in some cases continue to stretch out of the terminals and, on your return to the UK, you may or may not be reacquainted with your luggage.



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