Max Verstappen slams FIA after Hungary slip – ‘Treat us like amateurs’ | F1 | Sport

Red Bull superstar Max Verstappen unleashed a furious tirade about the FIA ​​and claimed drivers were treated ‘like amateurs’. That comment was made in reference to this season’s stricter take on track limits and how the measures might be improved.

The Dutchman aired his frustrations after a difficult qualiying session ahead of Sunday’s Hungarian Grand Prix, where he and team-mate Sergio Perez will start 10th and 11th, respectively. Verstappen was particularly incensed after partner Perez initially had his Q2 time scrapped for a track infringement, only for stewards to realise ‘Checo’ had indeed remained in bounds.

“Drivers as well last year said that we had to be more clear and strict on what we were going to chase in terms of track limits but for example, last night they started talking about turn 13, the exit,” railed the reigning world champion “But there is a kerb and a white line next to it which for me personally is the track edge.

“We just have so many silly little things which make it also difficult for them to police. I don’t know. As drivers, we always want to help and give our advice but nothing is heard and for me, that is extremely frustrating.


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