Entertainment Law New York

Entertainment law New York is an area of law that demands both business savvy and artistic talent. A firm like Rodriques Law PLLC specializes in helping new and emerging companies get off the ground and navigate the legal issues involved in organization, strategy, networking, compensation and capitalization. They can also help clients uncover the potential risks that come with entering into new business relationships. They can help clients protect their intellectual property and help them avoid unnecessary legal pitfalls.

Rosalind Lichter

Rosalind Lichter focuses her practice on entertainment law. She represents clients in all aspects of film, television and financing. In addition, she teaches entertainment law at the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law and New York University. She is also an adjunct professor at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts.

Rosalind Lichter focuses on entertainment law, business transactions, and executive employment compensation. She also handles copyright, licensing, and Internet matters. Her clients include movie companies, television networks, and publishers. Her law firm is located in New York City. She has received recognition in various legal publications, including Super Lawyers and Chambers USA.

Rosalind Lichter is ranked among the top lawyers in New York for her expertise in media and entertainment law. She has worked on mergers and acquisitions, as well as joint ventures. Clients include the producers of Gasland 1 and 2, and the creator and publisher of Harpers magazine.

Howard Siegel

Howard Siegel is a prominent attorney in the field of entertainment law in New York. He has a distinguished background in the entertainment industry and over forty years of experience, including his focus on the music industry. He has earned a national reputation for his work as a lawyer representing artists and recording companies. He has represented artists such as Aerosmith, Bill Wyman of the Rolling Stones, Carly Simon, the Backstreet Boys, Todd Rundgren, and Steven VanZandt. In addition to representing artists, Howard has also handled significant licensing agreements.

Howard Siegel has a history of serving as the editor-in-chief of the Entertainment Law Journal. He has served as a leader in the field of entertainment law, drafting a number of influential treatises and articles on entertainment law. He has also been the chair of the New York State Bar Assn.’s entertainment section and is the editor-in-chief of Entertainment Law, a 750-page treatise.

Howard Siegel’s book, Entertainment Law New York, is a comprehensive guide to the legal issues affecting the entertainment industry. It covers all major areas of entertainment law, including contracts, licenses, and rights agreements. It also covers online entertainment, commercial theater, book publishing, and music recording. Other topics include minors’ contracts, personal management, exhibitions and fashion law, virtual reality, and more. His work has been consistently rated among the best in its field.

Howard Siegel Entertainment Law New York represents many of the finalists in the “The Voice,” including the eight finalists from Season 6. He also represents many of the celebrities on the show, including Michael Jackson, David Beckham, and Brad Pitt. His work in entertainment law is unmatched. He has handled the contracts for 24 of the season’s finalists.

Rosalind Damle

Rosalind Damle, entertainment law new york, has a diverse practice spanning the entertainment industry. She has represented companies including Spotify and Live Nation in content disputes and helped establish the Music Modernization Act. She has also helped draft provisions in the CARES Act for those struggling to comply with their copyright obligations.

She is also an expert in copyright litigation. She works with major music and entertainment companies on matters involving copyrights and DMCA compliance. She also represents major social media platforms, such as Facebook, Spotify, and Pandora. She has represented several large clients in multi-billion dollar litigation. She also handles entertainment law issues involving broadcast networks, film studios, and video game developers. She has a background in the entertainment industry that has made her an invaluable asset in these matters.

The intellectual property team at Katten has global reach, representing major motion picture studios, broadcast networks, and sports teams in high-profile copyright litigation. In addition to Rosalind Damle, the firm also has several top-tier attorneys. In the New York office, Dori Hanswirth brings her media experience to the firm. Theresa House works with major media companies and represents the rights of the actors, directors, and musicians.

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