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I’m predicting a 2-0 England win, I know it’s ambitious but I said it earlier in the week and so I have to stick with it, what are you predicting? Let me know via Twitter and email.

Germany’s Alexandra Popp and England’s Beth Mead are level on six goals each so this final could determine the Golden Boot too! If either don’t score Mead will take the trophy as she has more assists.

Malcolm has emailed and said: “I am here, near Cologne in Germany, and naturally I am surrounded by fans rooting for Germany. Even my girlfriend is German! My neighbor has been gently winding me up, but it’s ok, I know where he lives!” A great joke there, will we have a better before full-time?

Yves Pommateau has emailed and said: “Is it not a bit early to start the game at 5pm (6pm in France). Is it still hot in England at this time? Good luck England, they have been playing great offensive football.” I’m unsure why they have put kick-off at 5pm but the temperature here isn’t too bad. If it was two weeks ago it would have been baking but England has had rain today.

I feel so surreal seeing the huge crowds at Wembley for this final. This sport is growing but, as Georgia Stanway says, we should celebrate how big it is right now.

The rivalry will be rife at Wembley but Philip has got in touch and revealed the tension in his household. He said: “We are very excited but my wife is German and I am British. She and all 3 of our kids (2 girls and a boy) are for Germany while I am a diehard England fan. Our fourth son is not at all interested in football. I am very nervous but strangely confident. My prediction tonight is 3:1 for England. Regardless it will be an amazing match! Just for the record, for me this is a football match, the fact that it is women’s football is irrelevant. The level of skill and athleticism is out of this world! Yours somewhat nervously Philip.” I too am somewhat nervous, I don’t think I’ll have any fingernails left at the end of today.

Supporters pack Wembley Way as they arrive for the final. Photograph: Daniel Cole/AP

Team news for this final should drop imminently and England’s Sarina Wiegman isn’t expected to make any changes. If she does stick with the same starting XI she will become the first manager to not change the starting squad throughout a Euros.

How are the nerves everyone? Two hours to go until this final gets underway and my oh my what a match we are in for. Let me know your thoughts and where you’re watching on Twitter or email.


Welcome to the Euro 2022 final, I hope you are prepared for what is billed to be a thrilling and mouth-watering contest. After 30 games and 92 goals only England and Germany remain. The old foes reignite a rivalry and both bid for glory. Germany are aiming to reclaim the trophy they have lifted eight times before and they want to be back on top of bowing out in the quarter-finals in 2017. It is a different story for the Lionesses, they have never won the title but today they have the perfect stage in which to do so.
England v Germany will be played at the home of English football, Wembley Stadium, with an expected 87,000 fans in attendance. If they record that many supporters the match will become the most attended Euros final ever – men or women’s. It’s been a ground-breaking tournament across the board, attendance and broadcast records have been smashed with women’s footballers becoming household names across the board. Speaking of stars there will be a particular focus on two in today’s final who are battling for more than the tournament trophy. Germany’s Alexandra Popp and England’s Beth Mead are level in the Golden Boot standings with six goals a piece. Popp has scored in every match of Germany’s campaign, coming off the bench in their first match against Denmark with an impressive performance which has sealed her spot in the starting XI. Mead, on the other hand, has started every match and has been the difference when England needed it. She scored the only goal of their opener against Austria and she got the scoring underway in their semi-final against Sweden. If neither forward scores today the Golden Boot will go to Mead as she has more assists than Popp. We will find out if both start, it would be a shock if either didn’t, soon with the team news imminent! Kick-off coming at 5pm.

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