Data Center Technology

The Benefits of Data Center Technology

In the coming year, more data center operators will be thinking about on-site power generation. Rising transmission costs and utility power issues are pressing businesses to evaluate their power needs. Moreover, some regions of the world lack adequate power generating capacity, which will pose a challenge for cloud and colocation providers. To address this issue, …

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Machine Learning Technology

What Goes Into Machine Learning Technology Examples?

Machine learning technology is a powerful tool for identifying patterns in vast amounts of data. This technology has been around for years and dates back to the Enigma Machine, which was used during World War II. Its basic idea is to automate complex mathematical calculations using large data volumes. Typically, these algorithms build a model …

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Badger Technologies

Badger Technologies Robotics Work With Grocery Stores

Badger Technologies robotics have already logged over 500,000 miles working for grocers around the world, automating mundane, tedious tasks and ensuring store aisles remain sanitary and safe. These robots are used to increase productivity and efficiency for data-savvy retailers like Woodman’s. Badger robots have a wide range of uses and can even help store owners …

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Small Business Technology

Small Business Technology Needs

Small businesses are increasingly relying on technology to help them collaborate with external vendors and clients. The Internet has paved the way for real-time sharing and collaboration, with tools such as e-mail and instant messenger making it easy to communicate and share information. Web-based collaboration and project management programs also offer real-time communication and collaboration, …

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Primera Technology

Primera Technology

LX2000 The Primera LX2000 is a fast pigment inkjet label printer that can print a variety of different labels. These labels can include photos, graphics, text, or high-resolution bar codes. These labels can be used wherever and when they are needed. This printer has a variety of uses and is a great choice for any …

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bachelors of science information technology

bachelors of science information technology

A Bachelor of Science in Information Technology program will give you the skills you need to enter a professional position. The curriculum will teach you everything from human-computer interaction and programming to Web systems and mobile applications. You’ll also study non-relational databases, non-proprietary databases, and problem-solving skills. Computer systems administrator Earning a bachelor’s degree in …

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