Carl Woods DENIES he’s split from Katie Price in furious Insta rant after she told strangers she was single

CARL Woods has denied he has split from Katie Price in a furious Instagram rant – insisting he’s the “best fella” she’s ever had.

The 33-year-old reunited with his on/off fiancée today after The Sun revealed she had been telling people she was now single.


Carl Woods insisted he was still with Katie Price
Carl was in Katie's house and she could be seen in the background


Carl was in Katie’s house and she could be seen in the background

Katie, 44, who was also pictured on a boat in Arundel, West Sussex, without her huge diamond engagement ring, had told strangers it was all off during a recent boozy night out – but Carl insists it is all fine.

Filming a series of expletive-filled videos from inside the mum-of-five’s mucky mansion as she roamed around in the background, the car salesman raged that he was on the ‘frontline’ and deserved recognition.

Launching into a huge tirade, Carl said: “All of you are full of s**t.

“Look, here she is. I’m still at the f**king house. All this, ‘Oh we want her shot of him’.” Why don’t you all just f**k off?

Katie Price splits from Carl Woods as Kris Boyson's NEW fiancée flashes her ring
Katie Price splits with fiancé Carl Woods and tells strangers she's single

“Because you know something, you wanna know the truth? I’m the best f**king fella she’s ever had. And I’m the one that suffers the s**t, no one else.

“So all this, ‘Oh he’s a bad person, he’s this he’s that, he needs to go…’ F**k off everyone because you’re full of s**t. I’m the one that’s on the frontline, I suffer the s**t and I’m the one that helps her, no one else.

“I support this woman through everything. I’m the one that gets the flack, no one else.

“So no, we haven’t broke up, I’m still at her house sf**k off with your bulls**t because you know nothing and you pretend.”

He continued: “I’m tired, I’m absolutely tired of being tarnished to be this bad person – and yes I am ranting, because you know what? I’ve suffered months and months and months with it… ‘Oh she’s unhappy with him, she’s unhappy with him’.

“I’m the one that’s been made a mug of all the time, no one else, and I suffer and I help so f**k off.”

He then showed Katie again and Harvey, before adding: “I deserve some recognition for everything that I do. Nobody sees behind the scenes. I deserve some recognition and I get nothing.”

Yesterday, The Sun told how Katie was enjoying a solo night out in Brighton after returning from her getaway to Thailand with Carl, when she started talking about her relationship with strangers.

“Katie was letting her hair down and telling people that her engagement with Carl was over,” an onlooker said.

“She said that the couple had been rowing non-stop on holiday and things had come to blows with her deciding to call it a day when they returned home.

“Those close to Katie hope it is over for good after their rocky romance has taken its toll on her.”

The couple got engaged after a 10-month romance last year – making Carl her eighth fiancé.

The couple have had an on/off romance


The couple have had an on/off romance

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