August spoilers and storylines revealed

EastEnders spoilers follow.

A new month has arrived, so it’s time for an exciting round-up of all the best EastEnders storylines hitting our screens this August.

With a game-changing story for Suki, a couple of surprise returns, grisly revenge plans for some and a trip out of Walford for others, you won’t want to miss a moment in the coming week.

Here are seven big moments we can look forward to for the rest of the summer:

1. Stacey’s awkward holiday


Viewers will be able to follow Stacey, Kheerat and Martin as they head out of Walford next month to enjoy a last-minute holiday next month.

The unlikely trio will find themselves awkwardly thrown together for the trip, which, as you can imagine, will come with plenty of surprises.

Stacey will initially find herself in a pickle initially as she’s caught between Martin and Kheerat on the seaside vacation. But she’s soon given bigger things to contend with…

2. Jean’s return

jean slater, lily slater, martin fowler, eastenders

BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron

That’s right, Jean is back next month – and she might not necessarily be alone, either.

Jean has been off-screen for the past few months, after finally accepting help for her mental health relapse.

As Stacey attempts to reconnect with her mum following their time apart, Lily will also step up for Jean as well. But is Jean really ready to return to Walford?

3. Suki’s huge new story



Suki’s problems have been brewing for a while but her life will be changed forever at the start of August, when she’s plunged into her biggest crisis to date.

Suki will initially find support from an unexpected face, but her attempts at taking control of a situation have severe and highly unexpected consequences.

As Suki fears her life will never be the same again in the aftermath, it’s clear the stakes are higher than ever – but will Kheerat realise what’s going on?

4. Phil’s revenge



Ben’s shock collapse in this week’s episode will spark a sinister chain of events, as his dad Phil is given a chance to get revenge on his behalf.

Lewis hasn’t been on screen since he was forced to leave his job – and Walford – after raping Ben in harrowing scenes earlier in the summer, but he’ll be back over the coming weeks, and is forced to face the wrath of Phil .

Recent paparazzi pictures have shown a vengeful Phil hunting Lewis down, and he may not be alone in his quest, either….

5. Bobby’s new dilemma

kathy beale and bobby beale in eastenders

Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarronBBC

Bobby is another character to keep an eye on throughout August, as he faces a couple of new challenges.

First up, a struggling Kathy is forced to break some upsetting news to Bobby, in the wake of Peter’s recent exit.

That’s not all, either, as Bobby is also contemplating the status of his on-off relationship with ex-girlfriend Dana.

With Rocky keen to help the young lovers, he offers both Dana and Bobby some advice, but what does the future hold for them?

6. Stuart’s story revisited

stuart highway, karen taylor, eastenders

BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron

Stuart’s story will be picked up again across next month, as Karen and Callum endeavor to get him the help he needs.

Stuart is struggling with postnatal depression, which contributed to the breakdown of his marriage to Rainie back in June.

Stuart is still very much in a dark place when we find him in August, and Karen is determined to stand by him.

With Ricky Champ’s exit approaching as well, what does the future hold for Stuart?

7. Avery’s funeral



There’s some more tough times for the Taylor family later in the summer, as Avery is laid to rest.

Avery passed away in heartbreaking scenes last month, not long after he’d made peace with Mitch.

The family then faced a further hurdle when it became apparent that Avery didn’t have a penny to his name when he died.

Thankfully, the Taylors are able to give Avery the send-off he deserves, but will they be able to support each other through the day?

EastEnders is currently airing on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays on BBC2. All episodes are available to stream on BBC iPlayer, with weekly early release box sets dropping every Monday at 6am for the next six weeks.

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